Ride Engine Empax Vest


The Empax Kiteboarding Vest directly integrates with your Ride Engine Harness providing floatation and impact protection in the most efficient and strategic way possible. The Empax deliver this superhero suit using Ride Engine’s iconic harness profile and strategically placed regions of a buoyant and shock buffering 20 mm foam. A no-slip “Wind Skin” locks it all down preventing harness ride-up. Whether you’re throwing down with the big boys or just enjoying some extra piece of mind and confidence, the Empax Vest does it all without restricting your range of motion.

*Strategically placed impact foam for protection and floatation
*Harness Integrated design
*Doesn’t restrict your range of motion
*Smooth Wind Skin grips to keep your harness where it should be
*Non toxic hydrophobic treatment reduces water weight