Kite Rental – Kite, Bar, Harness, and Pump


Our Kite Rental – Kite, Bar, Harness, and Pump lets you save yourself all the trouble of packing your kiteboarding gear and paying fees at the airport just to have it lost or show up 5 days later. Force Kite and Wake in Mount Pleasant S.C. is now offering gear rental packages. The last time I flew with my Kiteboarding travel bag it cost me $100 USD each way. One of the days on my vacation I didn’t have a small enough kite and missed 2 sessions when a foil or light wind board would have been perfect. Imagine coming to the Charleston area and having access to all our latest Kiteboarding gear and having the perfect set up no matter what the conditions. We are on Ben Sawyer blvd right on the way down to kite beach here on Sullivans Island, and only 30 minutes from Folly beach. Fly before you buy! FORCE will apply one day of your rental fee toward a new kite package. Keep the sessions going and check out or rental set up!