2021 ION Axxis Waist Harness Kite 4 Black


From Ion-

The AXXIS WS 4 represents a top quality, super-stylish harness. Even better, packed with impressive state-of-the-art features and a great overall performance, the AXXIS comes at a very appealing price! Lean back in this super-flexible harness and enjoy its awesome freedom of movement.
The harness includes ION’s C-Bar and stainless steel windsurf hook.

Fully-Moulded EVA Complete mould, no water absorption

C-Bar The original version of the C-Bar Windsurf bar comes with a stainless steel hook. The tension lever is built to make your life easier while force is distributed symmetrically across the whole bar

Seat-Extension Optional Velcro attachable seat part prevents the harness from riding up.