2020 North Kiteboarding Reach Kite


The 2020 NORTH Reach is the kite that was developed by combining the Orbit, Carve, and Pulse. The Reach is NORTH’s all-round kite that’s been developed by legendary kite designer, Pat Goodman. The kite not only beginner-friendly while still packs all the punches of a high-performance kite. The kite is super easy to go upwind, relaunch, and in light wind condition. It also can boost big and loop fast. It has great low-end power, fast turning, and Big hang time. This is the kite for all your needs to go anywhere.

The NORTH Reach new no-pully bridle allow you to feel more connected to the kite, and less worry for a possible parts failure. All NORTH kites are built with the highest quality material and craftsmanship. The kite that any weekend warriors to nomads on a deserted island, the Reach is the kite of choice.