2020 Liquid Force Plank Advanced Foil Package


Liquid Force Plank performance Foil package is for anyone looking for the best performance kite foil setup. The 3’8″ plank board is paired with Impulse wing with the short mast. The lightweight plank board offers a nimble and playful feel while the versatile Impluse wing makes the ride smooth and fun. The package comes with the new quick-release collar that will get you set-up and out on the water in no time.


2020 Plank Foil board, 2020 Impulse Performance Foil Set

Liquid Force Plank Foil Board

  • 3’8″ board that is excellent for travel
  • low volume and small shape
  • extremely nimble and playful
  • concave deck for better connection to the board


The Liquid Force Plank foil board is ideal for any intermediate/advanced rider looking for a lightweight, agile, and playful board to fly across the water. It is still comfortable and easy to control with a concave deck shape. The most minimal foil board in the shop that offers maximum sensitivity.