2020 Liquid Force Foil QUICK RELEASE Collar (HDWR + Plate)


The new Quick Release collar is a perfect addition to any foiler’s quiver who is using multiple mast lengths or just wants their lives to be a bit easier. No longer do you need to loosen up all your track nuts in order to remove the mast from your board. Simply remove the one rear screw, slide out the mast attachment and you’ll find that your foil board is ready for travel. This comes stock on our Impulse, Glider and Performance Foil Sets and is an excellent upgrade for anyone who already has a LF mast from the past. We focused hard on making sure our recesses were able to take any sand and debris you throw on it, so a simple flush should ensure that this collar never gets stuck together. We also reduced a little weight on the mounting surface by removing some of the aluminum (thus the web pattern on the plate).