2020 Duotone Dice


The 2020 Duotone Dice is a high-performance freestyle/wakestyle and freestyle/wave kite with an affinity for big air mega-loops and down the line wave riding. Both intuitive and radical, the Dice has long been a favorite of weekend warriors and competitive podium seekers. Hooked or unhooked, the Dice is a sporty and responsive kite no matter what level of skill you’re bringing to the water. For the 2020 season, the Dice has some performance-enhancing changes that highlight and expand on its core strengths. Gone are the pulleys from the bridle, the Dice now features a fixed bridle geometry for a more constant pull to carry more power through the prelaunch sequence. A new 70g Ripstop material replaces the Trinity TX material from 2019 for a more harmonious connection between the canopy material and the new lighter trailing edge wave pattern. The optimized profile of the Dice has been tweaked for more efficient upwind and jumping performance.