2018 ION Waist Harness CS Freeride Black


The 2018 ION CS Freeride Kiteboarding waist harness has many new features. All of the 2018 Harnesses also have increased stiffness and support across the entire line. The composite series offers three different levels of rigidity and support across the line. The CS freeride falls into the middle stiffness level and has a high support area with a rigid carbon patch in the center of the back that tapers to a slightly softer shell on the edges. The inside is smooth and has a small area of UVA to reduce the sliding of the harness.
The new C-Bar spreader bar composite allows for the use of less metal and now a clip and lock system reducing the time sinching down straps on the side of the harness. Just set your straps and now just clip and lock every time in and out.
Hyperfoam is Ions version of memory foam only it will not absorb water. Soft and super supportive but will never gain weight in the water. The spreader bar and surf line accessories are now all available and interchangeable on every harness. With three screws in the back of the bar pad, you change from hook to surf line and adjust the length or replace.