2017 Liquid Force Space Craft 144cm


The 2017 Liquid Force Space Craft is inspired by the mutant kiteboards from kiteboarding’s early days as well as modern surf and directional snowboard shapes. The real inspiration comes from the feeling of snowboarding deep powder. The Space Craft fills the space between surfboards and traditional twin tips by offering a board that rides equally well in both directions but has the rocker line of a directional and a slightly set back outline. The Space Craft is made to carve, slash, and boost into the stratosphere. The single tip to tip concave drives through chop and projects upwind. A little smaller than it’s brother, the Moon Patrol, the Space Craft is perfect for boosting hard and landing soft. Loaded with inserts, the Space Craft can be set up in a multitude of different stances to suit your style and focus and it comes with 6 fins; 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm, allowing you even more ability to tune it to your preference.

Comes with 6 fins; 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm

Space Craft Sizes: 144cm

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